Letter to the Editor

Congress slated to observe Day of Reconciliation

To the editor:

Congress has passed a resolution to establish Tuesday, Dec. 4, as a National Day of Reconciliation before God. "This event isn't about Sept 11, although that has a major part to play," according to House majority whip Tom DeLay of Texas. "This is about a nation that has pushed God out of its institutions and out of its homes and out of its communities, coming back to God and showing God that we are a nation that honors and reveres him."

The event, which will be voluntary, will be held in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol from 5 to 7 p.m. No cameras, members of the press or the public will be allowed to attend. That is the part I find most extraordinary and virtuous. This time set aside to petition the Lord is not about political agendas or appearances. It's monumentally significant to see our leaders humbling themselves privately and acknowledging our dependence on God as a nation.

I'm proud of DeLay and Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, sponsors of the bill. I encourage all believers to join our leaders on Dec. 4 as they pause before God and seek his blessings in prayers for unity, forgiveness, reconciliation and charity. America's best hope is not in our superior wisdom or might, but in sincere worship and prayer.


Cape Girardeau