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Wednesday, Sep. 2, 2015

Medicine Cabinet Makeover: an Introduction to Essential Oils
Sep. 2, 2 pm-4 pm
Family Friendly Farm

Red House Interpretive Center Board Meeting
Sep. 2, 4 pm
Osage Centre

Medicine Cabinet Makeover: An Introduction to Essential Oils
Sep. 2, 6 pm-8 pm
Family Friendly Farm

Board of Examiners Meeting
Sep. 2, 7 pm
Cape Girardeau City Hall

Puttin on the Mix Karaoke Wednesdays @ Mixing 10
Sep. 2, 9 pm-1 am
Mixing 10

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Mike Jensen
While Miley Cyrus searches for her clothes ...
And we call this entertainment? Like most of you, I missed the VMA award show this weekend. It wasn't by accident. But it was hard to miss the highlight reel from the televised fiasco. The VMAs -- more than most -- is hype built on the expected...
Jackson defeated Saxony Lutheran 6-3 Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015 in Jackson.

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* Rob Dohogne/American Family Insurance
* Dean Wright's Garage
* Auto Tire & Parts
* River City Rodders

Ride of the Week: 1985 chevy sliverado
Make and model: 1985 chevy sliverado Owner(s): Aaron George Owner's hometown: Delta mo the truck has the 305 motor rebuilt. its an automatic with power steering.it also has a four barrel carburetor. it is 2wheel drive with very little rust on the body...
Hi: 91
Lo: 69
Hi: 91
Lo: 69
Hi: 91
Lo: 70
Hi: 92
Lo: 70
Hi: 90
Lo: 69
Do you believe Vice President Joe Biden should declare his candidacy for president of the United States?
 I don't care

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Experts report teens are increasingly undergoing back-to-school plastic surgery. Which statement best expresses your opinion about this?
 A high-school student has the right to decide to change his/her appearance.
 A doctor should absolutely not perform selective plastic surgery on a high-school student.
 The decision to get selective plastic surgery should be left to the teenager, the parents and the doctor.

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