Letter to the Editor

Jackson's fans are true-blue through it all

Tuesday, October 2, 2001

To the editor:

Bob Miller's column "Move was worth it, Mario" describing some of the things that Mario Whitney had to endure was a column that was long overdue. I have been following Mario since he started for the Jackson High School football Indians in 1999. When I saw him outrun opposing defenses as a sophomore, I knew that Jackson had a very talented young player on its hands. What I didn't expect was some of the vitriolic comments made by a tiny number of fans who had no idea what Mario was going through. Many people did not realize that Mario played last season injured. Despite being hurt, he still managed to give what he could to help the team win all of their games except the last game of the season.

To hear about fans "wishing Mario would get hurt" sickens me and did not represent the majority of fans. The reason for my letter is to let Mario, his family and his teammates know that there are those of us who attend every game and cheer on Mario and his teammates no matter if they win or lose. Our love for Mario and all of the Jackson football players has been and always will be unwavering. What makes us so dedicated is the commitment that we see from the team, the players and the coaches to excel. That is what a true fan is there for.


Shawneetown, Mo.