Letter to the Editor

Gas stations took advantage of the situation

To the editor:

I noticed that about three hours after we were attacked in New York and in Washington that many of the local gasoline station owners embarked on a united front of gas gouging.

I observed several gas station persons rushing out to change the advertised gas prices even while the lines grew longer at their pumps.

At one station the price increased by 20 cents per gallon in less than 15 minutes. No gasoline transports arrived or departed from the station prior to or during these increases.

When asked to stand united behind our leaders and maintain a strong America by standing shoulder to shoulder during these times, some take these difficult times to rip off their fellow Americans in their time of need. Thank God these owners do not operate our blood-supply centers.

We all know that some of the oil refineries cut back or shut off supply lines shortly after the attack for security reasons, but that did not affect the supply of gasoline in this area in that short a time. It would take many, many hours or even days to work through the system. So, where does this greed occur? It's at this end, the local retailers and local wholesalers.

To put things in perspective: If the flour mills in Kansas City should suddenly burn and close, the price of bread at our local grocery store would not be affected for weeks.


Jackson, Mo.