Letter to the Editor

7 courageous GOP senators

Compliments to the Stately Seven who courageously displayed their true colors -- red, white, blue -- American colors, not tribal allegiance. Bona fide statesmen. They honored their senatorial oath, the Constitution, America first over political careers. Integrity will be their legacy, profiles in courage.

How pathetic a culture that censures, rebukes, disavows congressmen valiantly defending our democratic system. A peaceful transfer of power is the hallmark of our constitutional republic. If sedition by Inciter-in-Chief is not an impeachable offense, nothing is. Trump's rebellion qualifies him for mole housing near double-agent Robert Hanssen.

After his craven vote of acquittal, Moscow Mitch castigated Trump's incitement as "morally repugnant." Tying for this are 43 senators, saturated in Jim Jones koolaid, denouncing their oath "to support and defend..." Innocence was never an issue, spines were.

Walking a tightrope to come out on the right side of history, McConnell blasted Trump as a "toxic cancer on the Republican Party." Complicity and cowardice by Republicans assured this metastasis. Trump used his carte blanche card to fulfill his autocratic ambitions.

Those in lockstep with the sociopath downplay the riot as a hoax, "...didn't seem like an armed insurrection..." Reprehensible!

Trump was acquitted, not vindicated. The stellar presentation by house managers was in stark contrast to "whataboutisms" proffered by Pinocchio Trio. The indefensible has no defense. Gap between two striking as buccaneers taking on pee-wee team. Constitutional issues resolved; cowards don't convict.

History will shudder in appalling disbelief. Tribalism pulsating thru American politics will be death knell of our constitutional republic.

DIXIE D. ROLWING, Charleston, Missouri