Letter to the Editor

Refusing Biden communion

Joe Biden (a Catholic) was recently refused communion because of his support of abortion. Very good. It is about time for the church to stand up for what they teach rather than just allowing this sacrilege to happen. Catholics need to be taught that it is not OK to receive communion when you have mortal sin on your soul.

Yes, there probably was more people in the church who had mortal sin on their soul and received communion.

Why did they receive? They really donít know that it is a definite no-no or they make up their own rules (which will most likely send them to hell ó if they do not change, repent and change their life). Obedience is in the Bible on just about every page.

It is time for Catholics to learn truth and ignore bad teachers on this subject.

Typical Catholic theology: If you want to receive communion in the Catholic church you must do your best to avoid sin. Amen, I think that is a good thing.

GERARD MACKE, Leopold, Missouri