SEMO District Fair delivers memories again

The SEMO District Fair has come and gone again. Every year it brings excitement to Cape Girardeau, from the livestock judging to the midway, from the food to the entertainment.

Every year is different, but every year is the same. That's what you call tradition. According to the fair's website, the fair "has been a family destination for 164 years."

The fair is a huge undertaking, which takes hours and hours to put together. The bands don't schedule themselves. The planning and set up takes a lot of work from dedicated volunteers. We appreciate all they do, particularly Pete Poe, the spokesperson and primary organizer of the fair. Pete is always available to help us cover the fair, working with several reporters and photographers.

If you haven't done so, we'd encourage you to go to semissourian.com to check out the photo galleries of the fair. We're proud of our talented staff photographers who so creatively captured the images and special moments at the fair. We also welcome you to check out photo editor Jacob Wiegand's photos and story on dairy farmer Joe Kirchdoerfer, who attended/participated in his 70th jersey cattle exhibition.

Thank you for everyone involved in this year's fair, from volunteers to vendors to carnival workers and attendees. The fair helps economically, of course, as it brings in 100,000 or more people every year. More important than economic benefit is that the fair is one of Cape Girardeau's special events that create memories for young and old.