Letter to the Editor

Cape can't afford more projects

Are you listening? Could this be the wisdom of the city council, administrators and park department when it comes to spending funds for the betterment of Cape?

Why should the citizens approve funds and bonds for new facilities just because the council says we should? We paid for a consultant who said "no" for the courthouse to become city hall.

Didn't the state relocate from the Marquette? Didn't we just receive notice the Cape funds will not make budget next year? Bringing the courthouse to code is just the start. No parking beyond the lot being used by employees. Potential suits from injuries throughout the building as well as the need to buy or lease additional office spaces for various departments.

This goes along with the facilities built in the last few years that are not self supporting. They were built just because some group felt it was needed without total input from the citizens. Splash park, sports complex, airport facilities, swimming pool and Capaha Park splash pad along with adding a third college baseball team just to name a few.

It's time for the citizens of Cape to step up and say "no" to the proposed city hall.

Come on, council members and administrators. Just be logical when it comes to city improvements.

Cape is a great community, but we can't continue to fund more projects when the population isn't increasing.

RICHARD HILL, Cape Girardeau