Letter to the Editor

Women in combat

It appears now that the politically correct want to once more use the U.S. military for a social experiment. I am, of course, talking about letting women join the combat arms. We are not just talking about infantry, armor and artillery, but Rangers and SEALS. A very minute number of men can make it to these elite forces! Are we dangling a carrot in front of the donkey just to show we are all about equality? Perhaps these P.C. elite should consult the late James J. Kilpatrick's article addressing women in combat.

Mr. Kirkpatrick, a Korean War veteran, alluded to things we do not even consider. For instance, your hands getting so cold that they cracked and bled profusely. Being in the lines for 45 days and when you came off, you stripped off your uniforms and put them in a pile and burned them. The most important line they should remember is, "War is not a fit place for women. Hell, it's not even a fit place for men!"

What happens to these women if they are captured by some of the enemy we have nowadays? Some of these people have little or no respect for women, except as breeders or chattel. Is our nation willing to accept large numbers of women coming home in body bags? Are we going to change a man's natural inclination to defend women?