Letter to the Editor

Christmas goal met

The Salvation Army recently announced that the Christmas fundraising goal had been reached as of Feb. 3. The Salvation Army took a few days of overtime to reach the goal. The final amount raised was $320,333.18.

I'd like to thank everyone who volunteered their time, talents and treasures toward the goal of helping The Salvation Army. You have helped the helpless. You have given hope to the hopeless. You have offered food to the hungry and shelter to the homeless. By God's great grace, you have allowed us -- in his name -- to do all these things and more.

This community's care, concern and compassion in Christ's name is such that The Salvation Army can continue to offer its services.

We are a "TEAM" -- Together Experiencing A Ministry. Without the time, talents and treasures shared with The Salvation Army, we could not do what we have set out to accomplish.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 335-7000.


The Salvation Army, Cape Girardeau