Special Olympics

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The State Outdoor Championships of the Special Olympics will be held in Cape Girardeau for the next four years, thanks to taxpayer-funded improvements to outdoor facilities.

The city, through the Parks and Recreation Department, has been trying to woo the Special Olympics for a number of years. City voters last year approved a sales tax to fund major parks and recreation upgrades, including new softball fields, renovation of the Jaycees Municipal Golf Course and an aquatic center due to open next year.

The three events scheduled for next year's games are golf, softball and tennis.

Some 800 athletes are expected to participate in the games. They will be accompanied by an estimated 2,200 family members. Having this surge of visitors for three days is likely to have a significant impact on entertainment, food and lodging spending.

To pull off these games, the city will be recruiting 350 to 450 volunteers. This is a great way to get involved in a wonderful event in our community that will show off to the rest of the state our hospitality and what Cape Girardeau has to offer as a destination.

Welcome to Cape Girardeau, Special Olympics.

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