Letter to the Editor

Obey law to avoid 'frivolous' suits

Monday, March 21, 2005

To the editor:

I was intrigued by the March 18 article "Disabled-access law gives rise to 'drive-by lawsuits'." I find it hard to find sympathy for anyone being sued for being in violation of federal law. Wouldn't the simple solution to "frivolous" lawsuits be to do one's patriotic duty as a citizen and obey the law?

Perhaps there is a better way to enforce the Americans With Disabilities Act. Small businesses do not find it too expensive to comply with local fire and health regulations. Perhaps we need access inspectors like fire and health inspectors with the authority to cite and close down businesses that fail to comply with the law.

Until such time as businesses comply with the law, more power to that "small number of disabled people and their lawyers" who take the law of the land and the rights of people with disabilities seriously.

KERRY H. WYNN, Cape Girardeau