Letter to the Editor

Dealing with past mistakes

So President Obama is not doing his job? I'm not so sure I agree.

Thus far in his presidency, he has pushed hard for an economic stimulus package that the Republicans were demanding a few months ago. We are still in a multiple-front war with extremists that has lasted for years. Need I lay the blame for these problems on those who caused them? It will take several years to correct the errors that someone else made, then several more to bring us back to where we were.

Rush Limbaugh hopes Obama will fail? I hope the rest of the die-hard GOP will see that if Obama fails, we all fail. "Stay the course"? Even when the course runs us directly into an iceberg?

Here we see the fallacy of the wartime economy. War hurts the economy in many ways. It draws materials and labor from the private sector, accrues massive debt and makes our trading partners wary of us and our intentions.

A. HAZARD, Cape Girardeau