Letter to the Editor

Too little money, too much advice

Sunday, April 18, 2004

To the editor:

Like many others, I came to this city because of the Southeast Missouri State University. I retired not voluntarily about 12 years ago. Since then I have seen many changes in the organization and conduct of the school. Many of them, I feel, were unfortunate.

For the first 75 years of the school, the program of the English Department was largely unchanged. Since then there have been wholesale changes. The philosophy seems to be to emasculate the department, to eliminate the upper-level courses, to destroy the courses that have been for 75 years the core of the university. Students feel that they are the best judges of what should be taught and studied and treat with disdain any disagreement.

The recent argument over a school mascot is a melancholy example of erratic thinking. Who would have believed anyone could object to Indians as mascots? And, of course, now we are told that the Indians of Columbus are not really Indians but mysterious palefaces now called Clovis. Can that be worked into a cheer?

If my ancestors had been Indians, I would be proud to have them as SEMO's logo. Actually they were Swiss. How about William Tell for me, or a Swiss cheese? It's tough to run a school. There's always too little money and too much advice.


Cape Girardeau