Letter to the Editor

Don't forget Teen Challenge needs during holidays

Monday, December 15, 2003

To the editor:

During this busy Christmas season, we make every effort to fulfill the want and need lists of our families and friends, employees and others -- and also keep enough on hand to contribute to the many worthy causes that confront us on a daily basis.

However, let's not forget the real needs of our local Teen Challenge as the staff struggles to keep food on the table each day for approximately 150 boys and men. One of the boys recently confided to his employer for the day that the cooks are constantly in need of fresh food and canned goods, but milk would be especially welcome as it is always in short supply.

A Teen Challenge cook said, "If we had more milk, we could make biscuits and gravy for the boys, and they would love a cake now and then."

Christ Presbyterian Church in Cape Girardeau recently baked dozens of homemade cookies, delivered them and arranged for the donation of 30 gallons of milk to that organization on the same day. While the cookies were gratefully received, the biggest hit of all turned out to be the milk.

If you can donate any food supplies or milk, please give Teen Challenge a call at 335-6508. As an editorial in this newspaper recently stated, "This is an overwhelmingly generous community." Please don't leave Teen Challenge off your Christmas list this year.


Cape Girardeau