Letter to the Editor

Let's enjoy all the small things during holidays

Sunday, October 26, 2003

To the editor:

There are days when I feel sad, and there are days when I feel happy to be alive.

It may be the middle of October, but I find myself rejoicing to Christmas music and dreaming of the coming holiday season, all the decorations I'll get to put up and all the baking.

I love taking long drives to see the scenery, going into small towns and taking advantage of all the specialty shops, antique stores and the older generation full of people who love to tell stories.

Taking late-night drives to see the twinkling holiday lights, staying inside all day dressed in warm clothing, cuddling up in a holiday colored blanket with someone you love, sipping hot cocoa -- these are the small things in life that few people take advantage of. It is a shame. These everyday events have so much potential to create happiness.

If I could have just one wish this year, it would be for the community to embrace some of these small things and to radiate as much love as possible. How much happier people would be if they realized that while some days make us sad, there is always something greater to be found.

The next time I fuss about how I can possibly spend the holidays with all of my family without upsetting someone, I pray that I remember how blessed I am to have such a problem. I'll instead pray for all the people who have nowhere to call home.