Letter to the Editor

Socialists control Democrats

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

To the editor:"It's a Republic, if you can keep it." That was Benjamin Franklin's rather prophetic admonition to a question about what this nation is. We the people seem bent on flushing our representative republic by slouching toward a change to the failed and deadly jackboot of socialism. Our Founding Fathers recognized pure democracies as a dysfunctional form of mob rule, like a lynch mob, which degrade into anarchy, then tyranny.

I sensed the jig was nearly up when, even on Election Day, inept but prominent Republicans forsook their constitutional namesake by referring to this nation as a democracy. So, Republicans deserve to be dismissed until they get their stuff in one sock.

Considering that only 40 percent of eligible voters even bothered to exercise their privilege, there was no mandate for a change or new direction, unless that is how you view the old and plunging ideology of socialism. Yet on Nov. 7 the extremist liberal-socialists who have seized control of what is now the Democrat-socialist (Dazi) Party managed to trot out the largest minor mob to achieve a pathetic victory.

The acronym Dazi does not apply to everyone who aligns with the old Democratic Party, although said party tinkered with socialism or communism since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt. But Americans can rightfully question your patriotism if you knowingly embrace socialism, and even question your parenthood if you have children. What true parent would subject a child to secular-socialist damnation?