Letter to the Editor

SEMO's priorities are misplaced

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

To the editor: To my fellow broke students, and those who exploit our poverty: After reviewing my online Southeast Missouri State University statements and totaling my parking tickets since August 1999, I was hardly amazed to realize I have been fined a total of $2,272.50, and that's on top of parking permits I paid $360 for, not to mention endless dorm damage fees, phone fees, lab and library fees, medical and activity fees, graduation and bookstore fees, recreation and transcript fees and mystery fees, like Legacy, SAM and ID, and, of course, room, board and tuition.

Anyone who wants to know where all the money goes that they give to SEMO simply needs to look around. The university doesn't mind showing off our poverty, but only when it deems necessary. All the computer labs in Dempster Hall get new equipment every year. But the computers in the chemistry computer lab are the same ones as when I started SEMO in 1999, and half still don't work.

The ceiling tiles in Dearmont are dripping substances on students in their sleep, but we are getting swimming pools and new fountains. Instead of putting student parking near the library, the university replaced the reference desk with a huge coffee bar, which is always empty.

It seems SEMO is more dedicated to luring in new students than satisfying the old ones. I am leaving this school next month with my master's degree. I will be sure to spread the word to anyone expressing interest in SEMO.

SHANNON BAKER, Cape Girardeau