Progress on 34/72

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Jackson residents no doubt are happy to see the first milestone reached in the widening of Highway 34/72.

Earlier this week, stoplights became operational on the project's first phase, the one-mile stretch between the intersection with Route 25 west and the intersection with West Main Street. After a year of work, four lanes of traffic now speed vehicles along the formerly two-lane route.

Temporary striping will be replaced by permanent striping once the weather warms in the spring.

Two more phases of the project remain. The second phase will widen the two-lane road to four lanes between West Main Street and County Road 335.

The final phase will extend the project from County Road 335 west to the T-intersection where Highway 72 connects with Highway 34.

Phase two hit a roadblock when the high cost of asphalt prevented the contract from being awarded last November. Phase 2 originally was projected to be completed by spring 2007.

The widening project is important to Jackson and its residents, not to mention those who live west of Jackson and use the road to commute to Cape Girardeau. This is a big step in the right direction.

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