Letter to the Editor

Let's never forget those who fought for our freedoms

Saturday, March 22, 2003

To the editor:

Now that we are at war in Iraq, will we finally think of the price of freedom? I'm a free individual because my grandfather, who had just immigrated from Ireland got his citizenship and asked to fight for his new country in World War II. He was decorated for his bravery at Normandy. He was truly lucky that he survived the horror of that conflict.

When he came home, my grandfather built a life and had nine children who also became good citizens. Two of his sons served in the Vietnam conflict.

We didn't grow up with much, and none of us have ever become wealthy or very educated. But we have always enjoyed the freedom that a lot of people take for granted. My children will appreciate what all of our servicemen have died for. Most young people in this country have not only forgotten what this country was founded on, but have also lost respect for those who lost their lives fighting for the simple things they enjoy every day.

It is sad that young people respect the opinions of a few rock stars and movie stars rather than the struggles of the real stars, our servicemen who have fought for this country since 1774 to create the greatest free and most powerful nation in the world.

Let us not ever forget what horror the people in those two towers in New York went through. God bless America.


Cape Girardeau