Letter to the Editor

We don't want moral anarchy

To the editor:

People who favor same-sex marriage are trying to sell the American people on the idea that they are being denied their rights and are being discriminated against. It is not just marriage they want. They want homosexuality to become a legitimate, normal and morally acceptable lifestyle.

To make homosexuality morally acceptable would be only a short step away from doing the same for other perverted sexual acts. You are being told this would have no adverse effect on society. This is not true, and any honest person knows that.

The family of a mother and a father were instituted to bring children into the world. Birth parents are intended to care for, nurture, educate and protect their children and mold them into adults who possess the character needed for a well-run society.

Those who favor same-sex marriage know full well that if their agenda is fulfilled, the word "morality" will be meaningless. They know our culture will fall apart along with the bonds that have held it together through all generations.

When the moral glue that holds our civilization together is removed, we will be as the world was before the great deluge in the days of Noah. Is this want Americans want?

With cultural anarchy, there is no conscience, no right, no wrong, no truth, no honesty, no mercy, no compassion, no judgment, no security, no self-respect. Is that what we want for America? Surely not.