Letter to the Editor

Poll results show Republicans have changed

To the editor:

Cape Girardeau County has a strong Republican base. So when I saw the results of the Southeast Missourian's latest online poll, it surprised me.

The poll asked: What is your opinion of those who protest a possible war against Iraq? To my astonishment, 59.5 percent said more people should join them. What could be the reason for this backlash?

First of all, the Sept. 11 hijackers were not Iraqis. The majority were of Saudi descent. Yet our government has taken no action against the Saudi kingdom.

However, I don't believe the Saudis are the main reason for the surprising poll results. I believe the main reason is what our government wants to do to us. The Patriot Act -- the passing of homeland security legislation -- as well as the Pentagon's proposal for total information awareness have the potential to let the government right into our homes without permission. I do not believe giving up freedom equals safety.

If other readers don't believe our government is implementing this Big Brother legislation for our own good, they must also be questioning what our government is telling us about Iraq.

The Republicans promised reduced government. Since Sept. 11 we have seen the biggest growth in government since World War II. Ronald Reagan was a real Republican who believed in freedom and reduced government.

I think it's quite possible I am not the only Southeast Missourian reader who has noticed the difference between the Republicans of the past and the Republicans of the present.


Marble Hill, Mo.