Letter to the Editor

Dems show true colors

Democrats did the country a big favor the last five months. They very clearly showed us exactly how it will be if Democrats win in November.

Far left protesters' riots are OK, but church going is not OK.

Defund police so criminals can go wild.

Government takeover of everything (in Democrat-controlled cities nationwide if Democrats win) for as long as it is "politically good" for Democrats. (AOCs recent tweet proves this.)

Terrorist gangs takeover of city blocks are "summer of love zones" until the Democrats get threatened. A innocent 19-year-old Black man gets killed there and it does not matter. Keep the chop zone.

Tear down all our history. It is not about race, or Abe Lincoln and Ulysses Grant would not have been attacked. (Two of the most responsible for ending slavery.) It is just like the "Green New Deal. Government takeover of every aspect of our lives and economy. (AOCs chief of staff got fired for letting that secret out.)

If you love your freedoms, vote all Republican. A vote for any Democrat is an OK to all the riots and destruction going on. Why? The Democrat leaders are doing nothing to stop it.

I am not saying Trump is an angel, but he is a true patriot and is much better than the swamp rats trying to take him out.

Gerard Macke, Leopold, Missouri