Letter to the Editor

Drawing attention to animal rights

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To the editor:

I attended the first meeting of the Missouri Alliance of Animal Legislature on Oct. 16. The alliance is a group of legislative watchdogs. Its purpose is not to turn us into vegetarians who don't wear leather. Nor are alliance members extremists trying to eliminate all standards set for the care of animals. They are not animal rights activists to either extreme.

The alliance is an organization dedicated to establishing common sense laws to ensure the welfare of companion animals, exotic animals and livestock.

This was a meeting covering legislation that will have an effect on pet owners, farmers, exhibitors and hunters. In short, it was important to anyone involved with animals. Participation in meetings like this is one of the ways we can initiate a change in the attitude of our elected officials. It is a way of stopping the passage of laws that are based on emotion and inaccuracy. It is a chance to make Missouri the example of well-written laws that are the standard for other states to follow.

I am going to go around to the various campaign headquarters and different political hangouts to deliver bumper stickers. You may be asking, "What difference can a bumper sticker make?" These bumper stickers convey a very simple message: I care about animals, and I vote.

I hope the other animal activists in our area can follow suit and send the same message to their elected officials.

MELANIE COY, Cape Girardeau