Letter to the Editor

More than two parties available

Thursday, August 28, 2008

To the editor:

I wish the American people realized the options they had available to them. I don't like the candidates for the Republicans or Democrats either, but instead of voting for who I perceive to be the better of two poor choices, I intend to vote for the Constitution party candidate, Pastor Chuck Baldwin. You can find information about the campaign at http://baldwin08.com.

If the Constitution Party isn't to your liking, vote Libertarian or Green, if that's your inclination. I'm just saying, if you're as disgusted with the two so-called major parties candidates as I am, send them a message and vote for a third party. Let your voice be heard.

You can find information about and links to the homepages of third parties at www.politics1.com.

David Deline, Cape Girardeau