Teen lessons

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Jackson teenager made a poor choice June 17 when he backed into the concrete wall of Wib's Drive-in and didn't report the accident. He said he didn't think he had caused any damage. The restaurant's owners were left with what they said was roughly $25,000 worth of repairs.

When the word got out through the Southeast Missourian that the building had been hit and that blue paint had been left at the scene, the parents of the teen put the pieces together.

Under the parents' urging, the teen approached the owners, admitted he hit the building and vowed to work off the insurance deductible, which owner A.D. Hoffman said was $250. Hoffman said he appreciated the young man's coming forward to solve the mystery.

When so many parents make excuses for their children, this reaction was a breath of fresh air. The young man also deserves credit for owning up to his responsibility. Kudos to this Jackson family.

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