Letter to the Editor

Support those of all ages

During World War II, our parents and grandparents vanquished a horrific regime that placed no value on human life. A regime that exterminated the "defective", slaughtered millions they considered inferior racially, and wantonly murdered civilians, especially the elderly who got in the way of their ambitions. Our parents and grandparents also sacrificed themselves during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. Americans have always celebrated and cherished the value of our older adults, who serve as a focal point for most families.

The coronavirus outbreak has put our older adult population in the spotlight, as they have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Many of us fear for the safety of older loved ones and strive to protect them.

But recently, the lieutenant governor of Texas suggested that older Americans might want to sacrifice themselves in order to leave a stronger economy to their children and grandchildren. A number of lawmakers and political pundits have expressed support for that macabre mindset.

We are in a war. And what made America great during WWII was not throwing one segment of our society under the bus. It was the commitment of all ages and segments of the population to support each other to the finish. It was the recognition of the value of every American, and the steadfast refusal to leave anyone behind. That great American trait served us well, and is what so starkly set us apart from the nazis we loathed.