Letter to the Editor

Bush policies are roadblock to world progress

To the editor:

As the Bush representative to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa, Colin Powell defended an administration that has been a constant roadblock to international progress. Candidate George Bush filled with fear humans concerned about their own and environmental health. Since assuming office, his administration has justified this fear by promoting the interests of a corporate system that is all too often morally bankrupt and by seeking to undo health and environmental protections that have been developed over the last three decades to conserve our natural resources and clean our air and water.

Not only is this White House populated by energy-industry executives, their lobbyists and lawyers, but also both Bush and the Republican Party were recipients of multimillion-dollar campaign contributions from oil, timber and mining companies. Little wonder, therefore, that Bush policies are driven by what is best for these industries, not what is best for this nation or our planet. President George Bush has systematically tried to undermine human and environmental health on both national and global scales whenever health conflicted with the short-term profits of natural resource extraction industries in oil, coal, timber and minerals.

Regrettably, the international audience seems more attuned to the Bush record than are many U.S. citizens. Global residents who think it prudent to manage natural resources sustainably such that they remain available to benefit future generations as they benefit us now are as critical of the Bush administration as were the conference participants in South Africa.


Cape Girardeau