Letter to the Editor

Woman's truth and persistence paid off well

Sunday, September 2, 2001

To the editor:

Regarding your story about an abortionist who stopped performing the most common surgical procedure in the United States: It is amazing to me that here in New York people are being hauled into federal court for leafleting outside the abortion clinics and trying to convert the abortionists from participating in a culture of death.

We are facing ever-widening buffer zones so we cannot give alternatives to pregnant women and talk with the abortionists. It has gotten so bad that a Roman Catholic priest faces six months in federal prison for kneeling in silent prayer outside a Buffalo, N.Y., killing center.

We have brutally eliminated 42 million American unborn and now face a below-replacement birth level, putting the burden on the survivors of abortion to cough up more and more tax dollars to support the largest, most selfish generation in the history of our country -- the boomers -- who chose to kill their offspring at any gestational age.

God bless this woman who persisted with the truth that Jesus loves us all and wants us to be willing to support our neighbor no matter how small.


Ontario, N.Y.