Jackson's slice of Americana happens this week

This is the week for Jackson Homecomers, the down-home annual festival that takes place in the streets of Uptown Jackson.

Jackson has changed quite a bit over the years, but Homecomers is rooted in tradition, and is a reminder of days gone by.

Rides for the kids, food to raise money for local organizations, and some entertainment thrown in the mix.

The festival kicks off tonight at 6 with the Jackson Municipal Band and a presentation to Vietnam veterans; then the Bob Hope USO Show at 8.

Every night there will be live entertainment of some sort and an attendance drawing.

Perhaps most of all, Homecomers is a great place to see people you may have not seen in a while. So whether you're from Jackson or another town in the area, take some time to go to Homecomers. There is no cost to get in.

Make some time to go participate in a slice of Americana, Jackson's Homecomers.