Letter to the Editor

Administration must account for war in Iraq

Saturday, January 31, 2004

To the editor:

Two weeks ago, "60 Minutes" featured a segment based on information from former Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill. Viewers saw copies of documents that showed George Bush and his administration had a plan to oust Saddam Hussein in place in January 2001, nine months before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The documents also showed that several oil companies had plans to divide among them possession and operation of various Iraqi oil fields.

There should have been an immediate outcry from the American public. This proves the Sept. 11 attacks had little or nothing to do with our invasion of Iraq.

The American public, reeling from the emotions of vulnerability and fear generated by Sept. 11, was inclined to believe anything our leaders told us. We needed their vision and guidance. The Bush administration used that opportunity to link Saddam with the terrorists, even though the evidence was weak then and has since been entirely discredited. Then the focus became weapons of mass destruction. This assertion is also entirely discredited.

It is ironic that we as a people were so easily swayed into the idea of impeaching Bill Clinton when his actions had little to do with how he ran the country. Yet the president who started an expensive and life-consuming war under false pretenses is receiving little, if any, anger from us. We need to hold these evil deeds up to the light, and then hold these people fully accountable.


Cape Girardeau