Letter to the Editor

Glenn House could use more volunteers

Saturday, October 18, 2003

To the editor:

I would like to address some of the misconceptions in Speak Out regarding the Glenn House closing on homecoming Saturday.

I apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced. The Speak Out author incorrectly assumes, however, that the tourism tax benefits the Glenn House. The Historical Association of Greater Cape Girardeau has maintained the Glenn House for 30 years, primarily through tour revenue, memberships in the association and fund-raising efforts. Until recently, these efforts have provided adequate funds to maintain the house but not enough to pay regular tour guides to keep the home open every weekend April through October.

The suggestion that the Glenn House has no volunteers to keep the house open is a second misconception. The association has a small but dedicated pool of volunteers who give their weekends to provide tours. They often volunteer during the week to open the house for riverboat dockings. The house is open most weekends, but the Glenn House's situation reflects a national trend: declining interest in volunteering at historical sites.

I would like to thank the Speak Out writer for providing this opportunity to appeal for volunteers at the Glenn House. I especially want to encourage the person who voiced these concerns to get involved in a positive way and help the historical association expand its pool of contributing members and volunteers.



Historical Association of Greater Cape Girardeau

Cape Girardeau