Letter to the Editor

On Friday nights, Jackson football is the place to be

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

To the editor:

I would like to say thanks for the praise from Bob Miller's article on the Jackson football games.

I work at a large manufacturing company that has a lot of people who have transferred from out of state. I have been asked, "What is there to do in Jackson on the weekends?" My reply is always, "Nothing until football season comes around, and then it's the Friday-night games."

It can be considered a social event and a community gathering. The whole town comes to support our Indians whether they're a strong team or not that particular year. We feel that the support promotes our players' abilities and leaves them with a little sense of pride even on a losing night.

Neighboring communities can say Jackson is a clickish town and close-knit or whatever, we say that we are a proud community and support our boys on and off the field. I'd say over the years they have given back to us the pride and commitment that the whole town has given to them.

To the ones that don't agree, just think of it like this: Friday-night football season in Jackson is a good night to go shopping at Wal-mart because the store is less crowded.