Letter to the Editor

Blame game is typical of the Right

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

To the editor:All of this finger-pointing, blaming and name-calling is so typical coming from most of the right-wing Republicans in this area. To claim that Democrats and liberals are to blame for the animosity in politics is absurd. To claim that Jane Fonda and the young Clintons of the 1960s are to blame for the conditions we live in today are so senseless. This should show everyone how closed-minded and illogical these people really are.

It's all their fault (the Fondas and the Clintons) because they exercised their freedom of speech. They were smart enough to know that we had no business fighting a war in Vietnam. We still, today, have communism 90 miles from the coast of Florida and brutal dictators in countries around the globe.

Rush Limbaugh does nothing but spread right-wing propaganda. If he is the official voice for the Republican Party, then the Republicans are in even worse trouble than I thought. Since Rush Limbaugh always tells it like it is and is never wrong, why do most educated people now agree global warming does exist, yet Limbaugh went on for years about how liberals made it all up?

This is the same man who used to claim that there are more trees in the United States now than there were when the first settlers arrived. All you have to do is take one trip in an airplane to come to the logical conclusion that much of what Limbaugh says, simply is not based on facts.

JOHN P. CLIPPARD, Cape Girardeau