The school buzz

Friday, August 18, 2006

There's a fine hum that returns to our communities as schools reopen for another academic year. It's an exciting time for everyone, even those who no longer have children of their own in school.

Traffic gets a little busier. Stores see more shoppers. Restaurants fill up more tables and booths. The movie houses sell more tickets and more popcorn.

Along with the public and parochial schools in our area, Southeast Missouri State University also has a sizable impact -- one that is particularly noticeable as students stream into residential halls. For a model of efficiency, watch the student volunteers who greet new students and help them get settled into their new homes away from home. What a great welcome, especially for newcomers.

Anyone who is out and about early in the morning gets to see how early students have to be ready to catch school buses. Other students are driven to school or drive their own cars. And other students walk to school.

Safety is a big issue for school officials. The rest of us can help by driving carefully and safely, being prepared to stop or avoid any youngsters who might get in harm's way.

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