Letter to the Editor

Need better organization, info

Saturday, September 10, 2005

To the editor;

To any who choose to assist in the volunteer efforts of the local Red Cross chapter, be prepared for misinformation about times and locations, repeated callbacks because no one knowledgeable is available and showing up for training sessions when there might not be room to fit you in. The last was most frustrating, considering I drove 20 miles out of my way only to have a staff member tell me I couldn't go in for training because the class was full. I wasn't aware of any limit on class size. I was just told to show up.

A real problem is evident when a volunteer organization such as the Red Cross forgets that I am not a paid staff member and minimizes the sacrifices of my time and finances. It does not garner any real support and confidence in an organization such as the Red Cross to not have such basic information as time, location and registration information in place. Such mishaps might cause me to contribute my support where I am confident that they truly know what is going on.