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The Muni Band with Jon Fisher
Posted Wednesday, July 29, at 12:00 AM
Aug. 21, 1980 Southeast Missourian It was the youngsters' turn to strike up the band at Wednesday night's final Municipal Band concert for the current season. David Thomas, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Donley Thomas, wasted little time in making his way to the director's podium after children in the audience were invited to direct the band in one of its lively numbers. The would-be maestro is given a bit of help by muni band director Jon Fisher. (Fred Lynch photos)...

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Frisco roundhouse in Chaffee
Posted Monday, July 27, at 12:00 AM

This undated aerial photo by G.D. Fronabarger shows the railroad yards and Frisco Railroad roundhouse in Chaffee, Missouri. Here is an excerpt of a story by David Hente published Feb. 17, 1994 in the Southeast Missourian: Chaffee owes it existence to the railroad. The former St. Louis-San Francisco "Frisco" Railroad was absorbed in the early 1980s by the Burlington-Northern...

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Oscar Hirsch, KFVS Radio-TV pioneer
Posted Wednesday, July 22, at 12:00 AM

July 23, 1975 Southeast Missourian Oscar C. Hirsch, president of Hirsch Broadcasting Co., remembers the early years of radio had everything from live "neighborhood" talent to old fiddler contests. Tuesday, the pioneer area broadcaster marked his 50th year in the business. He is pictured with a television camera. (Fred Lynch photo)...

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Elvis to appear in Cape
Posted Monday, July 20, at 12:00 AM

National Guardsmen ready to board buses to an encampment pose in this 1955 photo by G.D. Fronabarger. A poster promotes the upcoming show featuring Elvis Presley on July 20, 1955 at the Arena Building in Cape Girardeau. The Southeast Missourian ran a city brief the next day:...

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Capahas' Janet paces win over Festus
Posted Wednesday, July 15, at 12:00 AM

Chris Janet, right, of the Kohlfeld Capahas baseball team receives congratulations from his teammates after hitting the tie-breaking home run against Festus Friday night, June 28, 1985. Janet's shot, one of two homers he had in the game, gave the Capahas a 5-4 lead and helped pace their 7-5 victory at Capaha Park...

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Normal & Pacific before Grauel Building
Posted Monday, July 13, at 12:00 AM

This photo by G.D. Fronabarger is looking south on Pacific Avenue from Normal Avenue with the Baptist Student Center on the right. A house is visible on the left side where the Grauel Building would be built in 1966 as the language arts building at Southeast Missouri State College. Named for Harold O. Grauel, a longtime English professor responsible for SEMO's journalism program, it now houses the English and Communications Departments of the College of Liberal Arts...

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McClure, Illinois has borne 3 names
Posted Wednesday, July 8, at 12:00 AM

June 26, 1957 Southeast Missourian This aerial photo of McClure, Illinois made by G.D. Fronabarger is looking east toward the Shawnee hills and shows the public school in the foreground. At the left may be seen a part of Clear Creek, and at center right the home of the late Thomas McClure, the community's leader and for whose family it was named. In the background are railroads and an alfalfa mill. The business section is centered around the street running the length of the photo...

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Federal prisoners escape Cape jail
Posted Monday, July 6, at 12:00 AM

Jan. 18, 1985 Southeast Missourian Cape Girardeau Police Sgt. Carl Pease, left, and public works employee Bill Beckett examine a skylight on the roof of the Cape Girardeau Police headquarters where two prisoners escaped from the federal cell-block between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon, Jan. 16-17, 1985. An iron bar was cut during the escape. Below, Pease shows the skylight in the cell-block where Donald Jerome Freeman and Gregory Lynn Halter escaped. See story below. (Jay Wolz photos)...

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Cape Girardeau Firefighters 1975
Posted Wednesday, July 1, at 12:00 AM

Members of the Cape Girardeau Fire Department pose for a photo outside Fire Station No. 1 at Independence and Frederick streets, circa 1975. The building is now the Cape River Heritage Museum.

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Downtown stores in 1951 flood
Posted Monday, June 29, at 12:00 AM

Temporary sidewalks leading to some of the stores on Main Street, between Independence and Themis, are shown in these July 1951 photos by G.D. Fronabarger. Above, the stores include Penrod Barber Shop, Patmore & Co. general merchandise, Maier's Auto & Home Supply, Ross Young's clothing, Montgomery Ward, Bahn Brothers Hardware, Western Auto and Hutson Furniture...

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Flooded Main Street at shoe factory
Posted Friday, June 26, at 12:00 AM

G.D. Fronabarger shot this scene during the 1947 Mississippi River flood of north Main Street looking south at the shoe factory, seen at left. Hirsch's Super Market No. 2 at North Main and Mill streets is seen on the right. A sign can be seen for the Curve Cafe, 635 North Main...

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River floods Central Packing Co.
Posted Wednesday, June 24, at 12:00 AM

Central Packing Co. was surrounded by Mississippi River floodwaters in this undated photo by G.D. Fronabarger. The facility was located in the Smelterville suburb of south Cape Girardeau on South Sprigg street. --------------------- June 6, 1963 Southeast Missourian excerpt...

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River flooding in the 1920s
Posted Monday, June 22, at 12:00 AM

A fisherman shows off his catch in the lower part of this flood picture made at Main and Independence in Cape Girardeau. The photo was likely taken between 1921, when the Frisco depot was finished, and 1927, when construction began on the traffic bridge...

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A cool VW 'bug'
Posted Friday, June 19, at 12:00 AM

June 22, 1975 Southeast Missourian One way to beat the heat You can lick, sip or munch a snowcone--one way to beat the sizzling sun that greeted the arrival of summer Saturday. Todd Jones found his business good along Capaha Park as Cape Girardeans flocked to the park for baseball, swimming and bicentennial activities. His customer is Miss LaReesa Smith. (Fred Lynch photo)...

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Cape-Jackson highway work 1958
Posted Wednesday, June 17, at 12:00 AM

Oct. 8, 1958 Southeast Missourian Highway work slows traffic. Traffic was held up on Highway 61 about half-way between Cape Girardeau and Jackson during the early afternoon Tuesday while the work of resurfacing the highway went on. This view, looking east up the hill from Williams Creek, shows a part of the line of traffic held up nearly 40 minutes. Another segment of the line, similar in length stretched towards the Williams Creek bridge. (G.D. Fronabarger photo)...

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SEMO's 'Gum Tree' at Cardiac Hill
Posted Monday, June 15, at 12:00 AM

April 13, 1980 Southeast Missourian Gary Schechterly, a SEMO State University student from St. Charles, Missouri, makes his contribution to the "Gum Tree" at Pacific and Alta Vista. The tree has become a campus landmark in recent years. (Fred Lynch photo)...

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Midget Auto Races
Posted Friday, June 12, at 12:00 AM

These midget auto racers were captured by G.D. Fronabarger in this undated photo at Arena Park in Cape Girardeau. This race appears to be on the main track. A fifth-mile track was built for the races inside the main track as described below. June 12, 1947 Southeast Missourian...

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Hot diamond for Capahas on Gabby Street Day
Posted Wednesday, June 10, at 12:00 AM

June 10, 1940 Southeast Missourian There was plenty of fireworks Sunday afternoon at Fairground Park as the Capahas outscored, 6 to 4, the Marion, Ill. Woodmen's baseball team. In the upper photo the diamond got hot as 25 gallons of gasoline, poured onto the field before the game, was ignited and it burned off leaving the field fairly dry after a forenoon shower...

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Sandbagging Illinois Highway 146
Posted Monday, June 8, at 12:00 AM

June 8, 1973 Southeast Missourian With the Mississippi River bridge leading to Cape Girardeau in background and flooded Illinois Highway 146 in foreground, volunteers place sandbags along road leading to East Cape Girardeau, Ill. Sandbagging operations aimed at ridding water from the highway just east of the bridge got underway Thursday and were continuing today. (Reginald Mitchell photo)...

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Bicycle craze hits Cape Girardeau
Posted Friday, June 5, at 12:00 AM

Dec. 2, 1971 Southeast Missourian, excerpt A bicycle rider finds downtown Broadway traffic hectic. New traffic problems surface in Girardeau as two-wheeler craze sweeps adult world A bicycle craze sweeping the nation is making itself seen here as an increasing number of Cape Girardeans hop aboard the two-wheelers for recreational, health and economic reasons...

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