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Gately's chain store
Posted Wednesday, October 29, at 12:00 AM
The School Day parade proceeds past Gately's store at 313 Broadway on Oct. 5, 1934. Gately's was located in the Vedder building next to the Southeast Missourian. ------------------ Dec. 5, 1928 Southeast Missourian --Chain Stores Rushing Here Now to Locate...

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Peg Meyer, Cape's 'Music Man'
Posted Monday, October 27, at 12:00 AM

This picture of Peg Meyer's Melody Kings was made in the summer of 1920 with Peg Meyer on saxophone, Berg Snider on drums, Jess Stacy on trumpet and Martell Lovell on trombone. See Peg Meyer's Melody Kings depicted on the Mississippi River Tales mural below...

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Integration begins in Cape schools
Posted Friday, October 24, at 12:00 AM

G.D. Fronabarger made this picture of pupils entering the Junior High School on the first day of classes as well as the first day of integration on Sept. 7, 1954 in Cape Girardeau. The former Central High School, built in 1915, became the junior high when the new high school building on Caruthers Avenue opened in 1953. ...

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School Day 2-mile parade 1934
Posted Wednesday, October 22, at 12:00 AM

The Southeast Missourian commemorated its 30th anniversary with events that included a parade on Broadway that passed by the newspaper building on Oct. 5, 1934. ---------------------------- Oct. 5, 1934 Southeast Missourian 2-Mile Parade for Cape School Day (excerpt)...

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Old Appleton bridge destroyed 1982
Posted Monday, October 20, at 12:00 AM

Apple Creek flows past the remains of the truss bridge destroyed by a flash flood in Old Appleton, Missouri, as seen the day after on Dec. 4, 1982. Dec. 3, 1982 Southeast Missourian Apple Creek bridge washes away, old grain mill threatened...

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May Day at Frisco Park 1939
Posted Friday, October 17, at 12:00 AM

A display of purple Iris was photographed on May Day, 1939 at Frisco Park in Cape Girardeau by G.D. Fronabarger. May 3, 1939 Southeast Missourian The picture shows a bed of purple Iris in Frisco Park that is strikingly beautiful at this time, but it isn't easily seen by motorists driving along. There is much white and purple Iris in this park, some along the beautiful hedge and much along the Frisco tracks. The displays of tamarix and spirea are also unusually fine...

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Aerial ladder trucks old and new
Posted Wednesday, October 15, at 12:00 AM

Aug. 17, 1987 Southeast Missourian Cape Girardeau firefighters used the old aerial ladder truck Sunday to extinguish a fire in a storage building which adjoins a now-closed seed cleaning plant at 16 S. Frederick St. Most of the damage was confined to the smaller storage building which was being used to store old newspapers for shredding into insulation. The city's new aerial platform ladder truck is being displayed this week at a fire chief's convention in St. Louis. (Mark Sterkel photo)...

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Eggimann Feed seed cleaning plant
Posted Monday, October 13, at 12:00 AM

Jan. 31, 1953 Southeast Missourian This new warehouse and the elevator superstructure towering above it were erected alongside the Missouri Pacific tracks at Frederick-Independence streets this past year by the Eggimann Feed & Produce Co. Both structures are all metal. ...

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Floodwall dedication 1964
Posted Friday, October 10, at 12:00 AM

Cape Girardeau's riverfront flood protection system was dedicated Oct. 22, 1964. Standing at the podium is Col. James B. Meanor. Behind him are Melvin Wagner, president of the North Main Street Levee District; C.A. Juden, president of the Main Street Levee District, and Mayor W.E. Davis. (Southeast Missourian photo)...

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Fischer's Market
Posted Wednesday, October 8, at 12:00 AM

Fischer's Market, 298 N. West End Boulevard, is shown in this 1980s photograph. March 15, 1946 Southeast Missourian A.M. Fischer Purchases North Boulevard Building Arthur M. Fischer has purchased the two-story brick building at 298 North Boulevard, the ground floor of which he has occupied the past five years with his retail grocery, Fischer's Market. ...

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Posted Monday, October 6, at 12:00 AM

Oscar C. Hirsch founded KFVS Radio in 1925, broadcasting from a studio in his Cape Girardeau home. On Oct. 3, 1954, Hirsch began television broadcasting with KFVS-TV on Channel 12. The signal was transmitted from a tower along Highway 61 at the north edge of Cape Girardeau. G.D. Fronabarger made this aerial photo of the tower located on what was known as KFVS Hill, near the original KFVS Radio tower. That small tower with the call letters attached is still a local landmark...

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Meystedt Grocery
Posted Friday, October 3, at 12:00 AM

This undated photo shows the H. Meystedt Grocery on Main Street in downtown Cape Girardeau. It was probably made in the late 1800s or early 1900s. The building was on the north side of the A.D. Leech building, 102 N. Main Street. The Leech building was destroyed by fire in 1919...

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Floodwall openings 1959
Posted Wednesday, October 1, at 12:00 AM

July 14, 1959 Southeast Missourian Site of the two openings in the Main Street floodwall Broadway, above, and Themis Street, below, are shown here in a riverside view. Each of the openings will be identical in size, 18 feet wide. But the height at Themis will be 17 feet 7 9/16ths inches and at Broadway, 15 feet 6 1/8th inches. ...

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Old Appleton bridge and mill 1972
Posted Monday, September 29, at 12:00 AM

Feb. 25, 1972 Southeast Missourian Children, just off a school bus, walk toward home across old iron bridge across Apple Creek. Old mill in background. (Stephen Robertson photos) Old Appleton is famous for grain mill, life of tranquillity By Stephen Robertson...

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Murtaugh Park on South Main St.
Posted Friday, September 26, at 12:00 AM

This picture was made before 1938. It shows Murtaugh Park on South Main street with Old St. Vincent's Church in the background on the right. The large building in the background is St. Vincent's Young Ladies Academy. It was razed in 1938. Previous blogs:...

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Frisco Park in Cape Girardeau
Posted Wednesday, September 24, at 12:00 AM

This view of Frisco Park is looking south from the passenger train station to the freight station. Murtaugh Park is seen on the right next to South Main street. The photo was probably made in the 1930s. Previous blogs: Frisco Passenger Depot Frisco Freight Depot...

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Excelsior Music Company
Posted Monday, September 22, at 12:00 AM

The Excelsior Music Co. is shown, circa 1914, at 433 Broadway in the Rabich Building. The business was started in this building by William H. Vedder and John Atkisson. In 1924 Vedder built his own store at 313 Broadway. Later he moved the business to 533-535 Broadway, the present location of Shivelbine's Music Store...

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Traffic bridge site 1927, 1963
Posted Friday, September 19, at 12:00 AM

The photograph above was taken in 1927 and shows Morgan Oak street looking east toward the river before the traffic bridge was built. The photograph below was taken in 1963. St. Vincent's College is on the right. The Confederate Civil War Memorial is seen in the center of the parkway...

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Cape is Missouri's City Beautiful
Posted Wednesday, September 17, at 12:00 AM

Oct. 3, 1929 Southeast Missourian 25th Anniversary edition Missourian Gave Civic Work Start and Cape Is Known As Missouri's City Beautiful It takes years to accomplish big things. Cape Girardeau has devoted 20 years to the task of making this the City Beautiful and the work has fairly started...

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John Philip Sousa in Cape
Posted Monday, September 15, at 12:00 AM

John Philip Sousa was given the key to the city of Cape Girardeau upon his arrival here on Sept. 14, 1929. Presenting the key was Mayor James A. Barks, seated in the car. Standing on running board is Ed Bauerle. A large crowd greeted Sousa and his 85-piece band at the Frisco passenger depot...

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