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Midtown Shopping Center
Posted Friday, December 26, at 12:00 AM
The Midtown Shopping Center was undergoing renovation in March, 1961, including the remodeling of the Cape Cut Rate Drug Store on Good Hope. The building was sandblasted and tuck pointed to give it a more modern look. Similar work was going on at the Good Hope New and Used Furniture Store down the street, to the left in the picture. (G.D. Fronabarger photo)...

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Cape City Bottling Works
Posted Wednesday, December 24, at 12:00 AM

Cape City Bottling Works was founded by Col. G.C. Thilenius, a Civil War veteran, in 1888 at 228 N. Pacific St. Emil M. Thilenius, his son, acquired the company in 1900, after he had worked in the plant a number of years. Emil's sons, Paul A. and Arthur W. Thilenius, were also associated with the business...

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Town Plaza Twin Cinema
Posted Monday, December 22, at 12:00 AM

Dec. 14, 1973 Southeast Missourian New business faces added to the city's growing retail and service picture. Kerasotes Theaters will formally open its new Town Plaza Cinema 1 and 2 next Friday evening, with first showings beginning at 7 o'clock. The new twin theater, located at the west end of the shopping center, features two auditoriums, each with a seating capacity of 286 persons, a total of 572. ...

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Floodwall construction at shoe factory
Posted Friday, December 19, at 12:59 AM

Construction of the Mississippi River floodwall is seen near the shoe factory in the fall of 1963. (G.D. Fronabarger photo) Previous blogs: International Shoe Co. aerial Floodwall construction 1957 Floodwall openings 1959...

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La Grotta Azzurra
Posted Wednesday, December 17, at 12:00 AM

La Grotta Azzurra is the newest restaurant in Cape Girardeau in December 1974. The plush Italian atmosphere is the result of complete renovation of the old Airline property on Kingshighway. (G.D. Fronabarger photo) Dec. 14, 1974 Southeast Missourian...

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Warren Strack longtime Santa Claus
Posted Monday, December 15, at 12:00 AM

Dec. 16, 1984 Southeast Missourian Lisa McMillan, the Santa supervisor at West Park Mall here, sits on the knee of Warren Strack, alias Santa. She sat on the same knee 19 years ago. (Jay Wolz photo) Longtime Santa reflects By Jay Wolz Warren Strack won't even venture a guess when asked how many people have sat on his lap. But if you're under 40 years old and grew up in this area you probably did...

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Cofer's men's store
Posted Friday, December 12, at 12:00 AM

Cofer's men's store is seen at the northeast corner of Sprigg and Good Hope streets in this 1929 photograph. Dec. 28, 1923 Southeast Missourian Charles Cofer Now at His New Location Charles Cofer, Good Hope street men's furnishing store proprietor, today had completed the removal of his stock of goods at 631 Good Hope street to the corner of Good Hope and Sprigg streets, in a new building recently erected there by Charles Moeder...

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Thompson's TV, Appliance & Furniture Co.
Posted Wednesday, December 10, at 12:00 AM

July 7, 1961 Southeast Missourian Grand Opening Sale for Girardeau Store A grand opening sale of the Thompson TV, Appliance & Furniture Co. is in progress at the new location, 605 Good Hope, and according to Clarence Thompson, owner and manager, will continue until 9 Saturday night. ...

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Deal Sales Co./Dean Taylor Oldsmobile
Posted Monday, December 8, at 12:00 AM

A 1955 Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday coupe is displayed outside Deal Sales Co. at 1444 Independence street in Cape Girardeau. (G.D. Fronabarger photo) ----------------------- Deal Sales Co. was doing business in 1951 at the location of the former Hudson dealer, Walter Adams Motor Co...

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Hudson dealer, Independence St. aerial
Posted Friday, December 5, at 12:00 AM

This aerial photo by G.D. Fronabarger was made about 1950. In the lower left corner, Walter Adams Motor Co. is shown. Read more about the new Hudson dealer below. Above, left, is L.A. Tucker Truck Lines. In the center is Landgraf Lumber Co. and at right is Superior Electric...

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Morrison Blacksmith Shop
Posted Wednesday, December 3, at 12:00 AM

March 23, 1918 Southeast Missourian Harry Morrison has re-opened the Morrison blacksmith shop on South Spanish street after having it closed for several weeks on account of being unable to secure a blacksmith. Joe Schonhoff is now in charge of the shop...

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Fairway Market
Posted Monday, December 1, at 12:00 AM

Fairway Market was located at 1231 North Main Street across from Red Star Baptist Church in Cape Girardeau. The store was also known as Fairway Market No. 1 during the 1960s when Fairway Market No. 2 existed at North Main and Mill streets. Bob Ward, owner of Fairway Market, in 1976...

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Haman Shoe Store
Posted Friday, November 28, at 12:00 AM

Haman's Shoe Store at 622 Broadway was constructed in 1910. Charles J. Haman moved into the new building, one of about 100 new buildings constructed in Cape Girardeau that year. After 42 years in the shoe business, Haman retired and sold the building in 1942...

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Landgraf Lumber Co.
Posted Wednesday, November 26, at 12:00 AM

In 1938, L.H. Landgraf purchased land from George Cross, owner of West End Fuel Co., at 1459 Independence St. in Cape Girardeau and immediately began construction of a frame building to house Landgraf Lumber Co. On April 23 of that year, Landgraf celebrated its formal opening. The building measured 40 by 118 feet, with a 20-by-40-foot basement...

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Haarig District aerial in detail
Posted Monday, November 24, at 12:00 AM

This aerial photograph, above, by G.D. Fronabarger shows the Haarig business district. South Sprigg street, in the foreground, connects with Good Hope street. The steeple of St. Mary Cathedral is seen at the left with St. Mary's School next to it. The photo looks to be from the 1940s...

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Egypt Mills School
Posted Friday, November 21, at 12:00 AM

Egypt Mills School was built in 1891. It served the community of Egypt Mills until it was consolidated with other rural schools to form the Nell Holcomb School District in 1960. The picture was made by G.D. Fronabarger in the 1950s. ------------------------------...

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Burnette's Meat Market
Posted Wednesday, November 19, at 12:00 AM

Henry A. Burnette, owner of Burnette's Meat Market, 99 South Park St. Sept. 2, 1976 Southeast Missourian Consumer watch Sells quality meat For the past 13 years, Henry A. Burnette has taken pride in selling fresh, quality meat to area consumers. He likes to talk about the times he has seen as many as 75 customers waiting in line at his counter...

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Shinbone Alley aerial
Posted Monday, November 17, at 12:00 AM

A small residential area known as Shinbone Alley was located behind the commercial buildings in the 600 block of Good Hope street, to the south between South Frederick and South Sprigg streets, in Cape Girardeau. This aerial photo by G.D. Fronabarger looks to be from the 1940s...

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Black's Garage
Posted Friday, November 14, at 12:00 AM

Walter D. Black owned Black's Garage at 217 Broadway in Cape Girardeau, opening the business around 1910. Black was considered one of the pioneers in the automobile business in Cape Girardeau. In addition to his garage, he owned the first service automobile in town...

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Memorial Park was County Farm land
Posted Wednesday, November 12, at 12:00 AM

The photograph above by Papin Aerial Surveys shows Highway 61 to the north of Cape Girardeau with the Cape Girardeau County Farm at left, and Memorial Park at right. The Tower of Memories at the cemetery was dedicated in 1934. This photograph of Memorial Park was made by G.D. Fronabarger at a later date. Notice the KFVS-TV antenna tower at the right. The television station began broadcasting in 1954...

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