Letter to the Editor

We’ll survive

Since the election of Donald J. Trump as our 45th president, the liberal television prognosticators, major newspaper editors, and America’s far-left elitists, have been overwhelmed with anxiety and panic attacks, declaring the inevitable end of our democracy.

Please, for your own sanity, take a Xanax, visit a university safe space, pet a therapy dog, enroll in yoga class, cuddle and cry with all your friends in the privacy of a gender-free restroom, or just take a four-year hiatus from work and seek the solitude of your mansions, tucked safely behind your guarded walls.

America has survived for 240 years — that’s 2,880 months. Surely, we’ll survive a Trump presidency for 48 months. Take a deep breath my fellow citizens. Put the four-year presidential term in perspective. Your average car loan is 60 months. A majority of college students take 72 months to earn a degree, and your home is probably financed with a 30-year-mortgage — that’s 302 months. Trump will be in the White House for a mere 48 months.

Let’s reserve our judgment on a Trump presidency. Mark Twain once said, “You cannot depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus.”

When the doubters and Trump-haters come out of their bunkers in 2020, they may be pleasantly surprised to see a Congress that actually works, a Supreme Court that embraces the Constitution, a booming economy, a more united populous, and a safer, more secure nation.

Hope springs eternal.

William Piercey, Sr., Jackson