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Today's Editorial
Former SEMO coach recognized for success (08/20/14)
A former Southeast Missouri State track and field coach will add another honor to the list in December. Joey Haines, who coached men's and women's squads at Southeast for 26 years, was announced as an honoree for the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association Hall of Fame. The recognition will be bestowed at a ceremony in December...
Opinion articles
Opinion Column
The issue of mistrust (08/20/14)
I was a college student in Memphis, Tennessee, the night Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. And as you would imagine, the events of that fateful day remain vivid in my memory after all of these years. The entire community of Memphis was both shocked and saddened by the tragic event. But the sadness quickly turned to anger, which turned to chaos and eventually self-destructive actions...
GLS helps many become better leaders (08/19/14)
Leadership makes a difference. That might sound basic and somewhat trite, but it's the truth. Businesses, not-for-profits, churches and other organizations need men and women devoted not simply to managing people but leading teams and organizations. Good leaders learn, they cast vision, they take a proactive approach to developing strategies that enhance the workplace and move things forward for those they serve...
Speak Out
Speak Out 8/19/14 (08/19/14)
Several weeks ago, we called in and asked Speak Out if anyone knows what happened to the statue at Ben Franklin that used to be at the corner by Franklin School. We're still wondering where it is and why it hasn't been put back. We would love to see Ben Franklin, who represents Franklin School, back out in the public...
Letter to the Editor
Suicide is not the answer (08/19/14)
Robin Williams' suicide has brought into sharp focus the increasingly common incidents of suicide in the U.S. The common denominator in all suicides is victims' inability to cope with intolerable emotional pain. Most of them had been through incredible numbers of emotional/physical traumas during their early years. ...
Speak Out
Speak Out 8/18/14 (08/18/14)
I hope more than 10 students walk on those new, free sidewalks. Most students ride the bus, or their parents drop them off in front of school. Most students do not want to walk to school. Just remember: Nothing is free. Why do some people think it is OK to walk in the middle of the street like they own it? This is defiance behavior, and parents should teach their children some respect when they are young and expect them to conduct themselves in a civilized manner in all situations as they get older.. ...
Letter to the Editor
Becoming informed (08/18/14)
"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." --Plato When I first heard that quote, I thought, how true! We have so many problems in this country that seem fixable with plain old common sense. The people in elected positions, both locally and nationally, at times, are unable to apply common sense and do what's right...
Read to Succeed program works, now and for the future (08/18/14)
As we embark on another school year, literacy again is top of mind. The United Way Read to Succeed program has been an overwhelming success. Last year, for example, 191 of 192 children who participated in the program improved their reading proficiency by one complete grade level...
Speak Out
Speak Out 8/17/14 (08/17/14)
I would like to know, when President Bush was in office, when his polls got low, it was all over the front page, even on the first thing on the TV that you saw on the news. Now Obama has a lower approval rating than Bush, and there's not one word about it. I think the news media, instead of reporting stories, they're doing more covering up than reporting...
Letter to the Editor
Congrats to baseball team (08/17/14)
The citizens of Jackson can stand tall and proud! Their American Legion Junior League baseball team has returned from the plains of Kansas victorious. They have claimed the title of regional champions. This is the highest pinnacle that can be achieved in the junior league. ...
An escalating story: Christian persecution (08/17/14)
It's been a downer week in terms of news stories. The situation in Ferguson, Missouri, has captured international media attention. The suicide of Robin Williams pulled the heart strings of America. The comedian and actor's loss resonated with millions...
Lessons from Ferguson (08/15/14)
The news from Ferguson, Missouri, this week was tragic. An 18-year-old black man named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer. Brown was unarmed. The justice system will sort through this event. Understandably, there's been much anxiety over this incident, one that has stoked racial tension. ...
Speak Out
Speak Out 8/15/14 (08/15/14)
It seems that when we had strong leadership in the White House, there were world problems, but not near as bad as what we are experiencing now with no leadership in the White House. Not in many years have we had the pressures we now face with Russia, and now they are boycotting back at us for our boycotts dealing with Urkraine. ...
Jackson, Charleston baseball teams have impressive seasons (08/14/14)
Two Southeast Missouri baseball teams finished their seasons in fine fashion. The Jackson Post 158 Junior Legion baseball team won the regional title this month in Kansas in a double-elimination tournament. The team, having previously not lost a game, fell to South Dakota in Game 1 of the championship round but came back to win the second contest to claim the title...
Letter to the Editor
Port welcomes elected officials (08/14/14)
Thank you for the good coverage of events at Semo Port. The port authority always welcomes visits by our elected officials, regardless of political party. We are glad to have Sen. Blunt visit, as he and Sen. McCaskill have both done before at different times. We appreciate the bipartisan support for Semo Port's development efforts...
Speak Out
Speak Out 8/14/14 (08/14/14)
Just saw in the paper where the city is going to put sidewalks in our area starting at Kurre Lane. Why don't they continue them on down and connect the sidewalk with the walking trail. It would make the walking trail more accessible without having to drive there to get on it plus extend your walking distance...
Letter to the Editor
An attendance culture (08/14/14)
Dear 5th and 6th graders, Your amazing teachers need you in school each day. You are part of our Central Middle School family. If you are sick or have a family emergency, please stay home but rejoin us as quickly as you can. Otherwise, come to school. We need you...
Opinion Column
Learning from lobbyist John Britton (08/14/14)
John Britton, Missouri's top lobbyist who became a legend, died on Aug 5. He provided honest information on the issues he carried but always said, "If in doubt, vote your conscience." He made many friends (myself included) and few enemies (none of whom I am aware.)...
Opinion Column
Count the reasons to vote (08/13/14)
With the countdown ticking toward the all-important November midterm elections, the Republicans can't seem to adopt a strategy that will guarantee election success. Judging from the level of discontent and frustration in this country, you would think their strategy would be simple...
Get those pencils. It's back-to-school time (08/13/14)
Many area students will return to class this week. While students may not be fully ready to leave summer behind, there's still an exciting feeling about a new school year. Education plays a vital role in society. It's a building block for success. As the 2014-15 school year begins, here are a few thoughts as you pack lunches and prepare for the bake sales ahead...
Letter to the Editor
Jackson schools and evaluations (08/13/14)
Tuesday, July 14, based on the recommendation of superintendents, the Jackson R-2 Board voted to tie teacher evaluations to student performance including standardized tests. In an article in the Missourian on Thursday, Aug. 7, district superintendent Dr. ...
Speak Out
Speak Out 8/12/14 (08/12/14)
That the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives would fail to pass an emergency bill to deal with our border crisis makes me acrimonious to the point of apoplexy. City's downtown The amazing renaissance of downtown Cape may not yet be on a par with that of 16th century Florence, Italy, but it's very close...
Opinion Column
Checking Russia in Ukraine: A new path (08/12/14)
The pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine have proved themselves militarily incompetent, continuing to lose ground to the Ukrainian military and, through their shoot-down of Malaysia's MH17 aircraft, united U.S. and European opinion more strongly against Vladimir Putin than did his brazen seizure of the Crimean Peninsula...
Letter to the Editor
Thanks for good start at CHS (08/12/14)
Last week Cape Girardeau Central High School hosted a very successful freshman orientation. It was successful because of so much hard work and dedication by many. Assistant principal Nancy Scheller and teacher Crystal Cerny spent months planning this event. ...
Cape Splash, Central Pool still popular summer attractions (08/12/14)
This was a different summer. July and August are typically months of warm temperatures and humidity. We caught a break from the heat for a good part of the summer, which was nice for many who enjoyed time at the ballpark, on vacation or engaging in other summertime festivities. However, it also meant that you might not have been as inclined to hit the pool as much...
Speak Out
Speak Out 8/11/14 (08/11/14)
I hope MoDOT heard us hardworking, taxpaying citizens. No more taxes. We don't trust you guys. You haven't made good choices before. So, get with the program. Texting, DWI Yes, I think texting while driving and talking on the telephone while driving ought to have the same implications of the criminal code as the DWI...
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Paid Election Letters
Former county employee supports Blattner (07/31/14)
Having worked in the recorder of deeds offices for 33 years, including during the current recorder, I strongly support Drew Blattner for recorder of deeds. It was a pleasure to work with Drew in interoffice dealings between the recorder's office and the archive center...
Clark is enthusiastic leader (07/31/14)
I supported Scott Clark four years ago for the office of recorder of deeds because of his dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to the SEMO Pachyderm Club, an organization to inform and develop leaders for our republic. Scott received the Pachyderms' highest award, the Tough Tusk award, this year...
Victor Gunn: Right man for Ward 3 (07/31/14)
Although I am not a resident of Ward 3, I do have a vested interest in our great city and the Ward 3 City Council position. I am a Victor Gunn fan, and I have been for many years. Victor has a sincere interest in our city, with family roots going back more than 100 years...
Progress made in county records (07/31/14)
On Aug. 5, Cape County voters will face an important decision in the recorder of deeds election. I believe voters should make that decision based on facts, with knowledge of the progress made within the office in the past three and a half years. My first term as recorder has been dedicated to enhancing access to records. ...
Why I'm running and what I stand for (07/31/14)
I'm a democratic candidate for state representative, and I've been out knocking on doors, talking to people, and handing out fliers almost every day now for about two months. The most common questions I get are: Why are you running? and What do you stand for?...
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