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Should the lt. governor receive a per diem to cover living expenses in Jefferson City?
 Don't know

Will you spend or save your tax refund?
 I will not receive a refund.

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Guest commentary: Why I support a use tax in Cape Girardeau County (02/27/15)
A tax is a tax is a tax. There, I have said it. I cannot deny it. I have had the unique opportunity for the past year to be a member of a Citizens Advisory Committee charged by the county commission to do a needs assessment for county buildings. Our mission was to do a determination on consolidation of county office facilities and to relocate all court functions to the county seat. ...
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Speak Out 2/27/15 (02/27/15)
For those people who are objecting to a voter ID for voting, please do not allow them to buy beer or cigarettes or many other things in our society. And when a cop pulls them over, ask them what they show: A photo ID. It's accepted everywhere under the sun. This notion that it impedes some people's opportunity to vote is bogus...
Editorial: The Craders and Dobbinses are 'Friends of the University' (02/27/15)
Stan and Debbie Crader of Jackson and Ken and Jeanine Dobbins will receive the Friends of the University Award today. Stan Crader is president of Crader Distributing Co., and Debbie Crader is a registered nurse. Ken Dobbins is president of Southeast Missouri State University; Jeanine, the university's first lady, worked in the area of literacy, and much more...
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Speak Out 2/26/15 (02/26/15)
The American Political Science Association has ranked the greatest presidents of all time. Lincoln and Washington are one and two. I think the one who came in 8th deserves to be higher but that's just been my opinion. Where do you think the APSA should have ranked in Bill Clinton?...
Southeast theater and dance department's 'The King & I' (02/26/15)
Performances of a classic musical began Wednesday night at the Southeast Missouri State University River Campus. "The King and I," by Rogers & Hammerstein, is being presented by the Southeast Missouri State University Department of Theatre and Dance...
Letter to the Editor
Obama on Islamic radicalism (02/25/15)
In 2010, President Obama had the words "Islamic Radicalism" removed from U.S. government documents, including the central document outlining national security strategy. The former Bush Doctrine of preventive war stated, "The struggle against militant Islamic radicalism is the great ideological conflict of the early years of the 21st century."...
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Speak Out 2/25/15 (02/25/15)
** Tickets; ** Enjoy snow; ** Snow plow
Opinion Column
President Obama's view of America (02/25/15)
Former New York Mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani created a firestorm recently when he opined that the President did not love his country. Giuliani pointed to President Obama's upbringing and long-documented ties with radicals in making his shocking statement...
Six men recognized for valor (02/25/15)
If you're looking for a dose of heroism, you'll find plenty of examples in the U.S. military. The men and women who serve this country, putting their lives on the line and spending countless days away from family, deserve our utmost respect. Recently six men were recognized for their efforts as the new inductees on the Wall of Valor at John J. Pershing VA Medical Center...
Google Startup Weekend is big opportunity for entrepreneurs (02/24/15)
Take a look at a small, mid-size or even a large company and you will find a person or group of individuals who started with an idea. In March, this community may see a future success story as the Google Startup Weekend is held at Codefi in Cape Girardeau...
Letter to the Editor
Focus on city streets (02/24/15)
Does anyone besides me think that instead of spending money on a sports complex, which we could do without (we are NOT all sports fans), it would be much better to fix our terrible streets? One of my neighbors ruined her car on a huge pothole. I will not vote for a tax increase for street repair when the city obviously has money for frivolous projects like a sports complex. Perhaps we need more sensible heads on the city council...
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Speak Out 2/24/15 (02/24/15)
** Leadership void; ** Toughen up, schools
Letter to the Editor
Death with Dignity bill (02/24/15)
I'm writing to bring awareness on the need to support House Bill 307 Missouri Death with Dignity. Death with Dignity is not a choice of death over life. It is an option for mentally competent adults who are dying that gives them the same freedom of choice in dying as they had while living. ...
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Speak Out 2/23/15 (02/23/15)
** President Obama; ** Hillary Clinton; ** Roundabout; ** Streetlight; ** ISIS battle; ** Spain's free college; ** Postsecondary; ** Jeb Bush; ** Thank you
Editorial: High school students impress with their art at River Campus (02/23/15)
If you haven't checked out the High School Art Exhibition at the Crisp Museum on the River Campus yet, we encourage you to do so. The exhibition will remain on display through March 8; hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday...
Opinion Column
Cardinals manager shares lessons in youth sports, life (02/22/15)
Mike Matheny is set to begin his fourth season as the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. The young manager has a full plate this spring training as he looks to get the St. Louis Cardinals back to the NLCS for a fourth consecutive season. Hopefully a World Series title would follow...
Editorial: Old Town Cape honors Maurer, others at banquet (02/22/15)
Jim Maurer took home two awards from the Old Town Cape annual banquet Thursday night. Maurer was among several recognized by the downtown group. He won both the Volunteer of the Year and Charles L. Hutson Visionary awards. Maurer is highly deserving of the accolades. ...
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Speak Out 2/22/15 (02/22/15)
** Grateful reader; ** Taxes; ** Bad manners; ** Call Al Gore?; ** Driving ; ** Williams story; ** Don't text; ** Obama's rhetoric; ** Welfare test
Opinion Column
Reach out to those who struggle with addictions (02/20/15)
A call that you never want to receive is that a relative has passed away. On Feb. 11, shortly after 10 p.m., that call came. The detective said to us that our son was found dead. Our son was a good man and well loved. Our son had his demons. He died from a heroin overdose. He suffered from a disease that isn't pretty. There are no walks or telethons for drug addiction or alcoholism, but these diseases are deadly and all around us...
Speak Out
Speak Out 2/20/15 (02/20/15)
I just wanted to say a big thank you to Josh and Jason Barber who live on Mulberry Street in Jackson. My husband was having some trouble getting his truck out this morning after all this snow. They were so kind to come down, shovel our drive. Not only help him get his truck out, but shovel our drive, and ask if there was anything else we needed. ...
Student-athletes prepare for college competition (02/20/15)
The Feb. 5 Southeast Missourian Sports section was full of photos and career information on several area athletes. No, the pictures were not of amazing catches, throws and kicks. These athletes were signing their names -- to compete at the collegiate level...
Opinion Column
The HITs keep coming (02/20/15)
Football season may be over, but the hits keep coming -- not on the field but in the pocketbook. Last year, a little known tax called the Health Insurance Tax, or HIT, kicked in as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). The HIT, along with the individual mandate, are two of the largest tax increases in the health-care law...
Opinion Column
'Fat Leonard' (02/19/15)
Those who follow partisan media have probably heard that the president is gutting the armed forces by getting rid of senior officers. If you are one of these believers, you will have more ammunition with the decision of the Navy to take action against three admirals. ...
Speak Out
Speak Out 2/19/15 (02/19/15)
Saw they're looking for a new comedian to replace Jon Stewart. Why not Brian Williams? I mean, he's got to be more funny, because he sure ain't serious. President Obama's request for war powers authorization will reveal to the American public the heinous hypocrisy of Republicans in Congress. They rant and rave about the dictatorial powers exercised by President Obama but in this instance will want to cede to him more power than what he is requesting...
Digging out from winter storm, watching forecast (02/19/15)
The area received its share of wintry precipitation this week, with more than 10 inches of snow falling within 24 hours. The Sunday-into-Monday storm caused many schools and businesses to postpone or delay openings. A windchill advisory was issued through noon today, with temperatures expected to dip below zero...
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