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Friday, Oct. 31, 2014
When do you start your Christmas shopping?
 I shop throughout the year for Christmas presents.
 In October or early November
 After Thanksgiving
 Just before Christmas

Should those who provide direct medical assistance to Ebola victims in other countries be quarantined upon their return to the United States?
 It depends on if they show any symptoms, like a fever
 I don't know.

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Today's Editorial
Editorial: Cape Girardeau fire tax worth supporting (10/31/14)
On Tuesday, voters will decide whether to approve a 1/8-cent sales tax to support the fire department. If approved, these funds will be used to purchase vehicles and apparatus and to build new facilities. The tax will generate about $1.2 million per year, and the tax is set to expire in 21 years...
Opinion articles
Speak Out
Speak Out 10/31/14 (10/31/14)
America is exceptional With what's happening in our country now, I hope everyone read Thomas Sowell's article in the Southeast Missourian. It's so frustrating and irritating, what's happening in our education in this country, especially ignoring the exceptionalism of America. ...
Letter to the Editor
Cape Girardeau is taxed enough (10/31/14)
I love and support our local fire department. I realize how important it is for the Fire Department to get every penny of the money they need to continue to maintain critical services and adequate facilities and vehicles. This is exactly why I got so upset to hear that the Cape Girardeau city manager Scott Meyer, along side Mayor Harry Rediger, say that, "the tax also has helped free enough general revenue to help provide necessary funds to the police department," according to the Southeast Missourian.. ...
Salvation Army Empty Bowls fundraiser helps feed many (10/31/14)
Feeding the hungry is not only a good things to do. It's Scriptural. Jesus told his disciples about the importance of helping others. He said in Matthew 25:35-36, "'For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.'"...
Letter to the Editor
Enjoyed newspaper anniversary edition (10/31/14)
We rejoiced with all of you as we shared in the reading of Sunday's tribute and remembrance to the history of the Southeast Missourian. The photos and calendar memories were very special, and inspiring. Most of us don't take the initiative to document the "times in our lives" with written details. ...
Letter to the Editor
Realtors board endorses fire tax (10/31/14)
On Oct. 23, at our monthly meeting, members of the Cape Girardeau County Board of REALTORS unanimously voted to support the Public Safety Trust Fund and fire sales tax renewal issue on the city of Cape Girardeau November ballot. REALTORS are here to protect and serve property owners. ...
Speak Out
Speak Out 10/30/14 (10/30/14)
Gone Girl; Be careful; Ebola; Election votes; America is exceptional
Letter to the Editor
Sun should set on fire tax (10/30/14)
Sun should set on fire tax Instead of doggy parks and water slides, don't you think the elected representatives of Cape Girardeau citizens should have spent on the fire department? They didn't! And now they're asking you for more taxes to fund the fire department when the city council did not. Make no mistake, the proposition on the Tuesday ballot is a tax increase. If you vote "yes," you'll be paying more taxes...
Opinion Column
Vote 'no' on Constitutional Amendment 6 (10/30/14)
Vote 'no' on Constitutional Amendment 6 As the chief elections official of our state, I work to make sure only eligible voters vote and that every eligible voter is able to vote securely. I'm opposing Constitutional Amendment 6 and urging you to vote "no" on Tuesday, because Constitutional Amendment 6 is confusing and misleading...
Letter to the Editor
Amendment removes local control (10/30/14)
Amendment 3 is a critical issue in this election cycle. It will mandate that teacher evaluations be based on "quantifiable student performance data" (aka standardized tests). Reasonable people can agree that teachers need to be evaluated just like everybody else who works for a living; they already are. ...
Fall festivals and several weekend events (10/30/14)
Friday night there will be children walking neighborhoods for candy and dressed in costume for Halloween. It's not a particularly uplifting holiday, but there are some options for family-friendly fun. A popular tradition for some families is attending a fall festival. There are churches in the area who holds these festivals, which can include food, candy, games and other fun...
Speak Out
Speak Out 10/29/14 (10/29/14)
Gone Girl I am calling about the movie Gone Girl; Bad Movie was not the correct description for Gone Girl. I saw the movie, actually expecting to see Cape Girardeau complimented occasionally in it. Instead they were showing the worst that could be produced, and who in the world was responsible for such a filthy production. Cape Girardeau is catching up with the rest of this wicked world...
Southeast, Three Rivers relationship is good for students (10/29/14)
The relationship between Southeast Missouri State University and Three Rivers Community College has been tenuous in recent years. That's unfortunate, because students in Southeastern Missouri benefit when the institutions work together. But there's a fresh start now. Donna Farley of the Daily American Republic, a sister paper to the Southeast Missourian, recently spoke with the presidents of the two institutions. The story appeared in the Wednesday edition of the Southeast Missourian...
Speak Out
Speak Out 10/28/14 (10/28/14)
Patty Wambell and Mary LeGrand need to be recognized for their cheerleading and coaching ability. You know Al Young and Peyton Montgomery have recently been recognized along with Nathan Myron in Speak Out twice. But, what about the cheerleaders? What about Mary LeGrand and what about Patty Wambell? They do a good job with the cheerleaders. ...
Cape hospitals, first responders take Ebola seriously (10/28/14)
On Saturday the World Health Organization said more than 10,000 people have been infected with Ebola. The number includes confirmed, probable and suspected cases. About half of those infected have died. The WHO said the numbers are likely underestimated...
Speak Out
Speak Out 10/27/14 (10/27/14)
They are fixing the sidewalk over there on Broadway and over there by the water company. The people over here on the south side need their sidewalks fixed, too. The people on the south side pay taxes, too. Why can't we get our sidewalks fixed? The sidewalks on the south side are all cracked up, uneven...
Letter to the Editor
Cape Alzheimer's walk a success (10/27/14)
As chair of the Cape Girardeau Walk to End Alzheimer's, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who made the event a success. This community came together in a wave of purple to show its support for those affected by Alzheimer's disease. The Alzheimer's Association's Walk to End Alzheimer's is the largest platform for awareness, education, advocacy and fundraising. ...
Congratulations to Cape educators of the year (10/27/14)
Teaching is not an easy job. Some might call it a calling. And for those of us who have experienced the joy of learning from a great teacher, you know the importance. It's good to recognize those who go above and beyond to make a difference. Last week the Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual Educator Appreciation Reception at the Show Me Center. The reception was sponsored by Wood & Huston Bank...
Opinion Column
Do you trust this newspaper? (10/27/14)
Should you trust this newspaper? In the past several decades, the confidence Americans have in institutions has ebbed. According to Gallup, only "the military" has increased in esteem. "Small business" and "the criminal justice system" have held steady. ...
Speak Out
Speak Out 10/26/14 (10/26/14)
No water slide; Sidewalk repair; Political fear; Ocean front property?; Bowen column; Corrupt votes; Retirement challenge
Midterm election offers several ballot issues (10/26/14)
Nationally the midterm election on Nov. 4 is big news. The balance of power for the U.S. Senate is up for grabs, as are all members of the House of Representatives. But in Missouri neither of the U.S. senators are up for re-election. The only statewide official on the ballot is the auditor Tom Schweich, a Republican, who faces third party opposition but no Democratic opponent...
Letter to the Editor
Fire tax should be passed (10/24/14)
I'm a tough sell when it comes to taxes, and I've publicly opposed local tax initiatives in the past. My guest commentary in opposition to the city and county use tax was published this past March in the Southeast Missourian. Not only am I quite skeptical when it comes to new taxes, I don't believe that just because a tax is up for renewal that it automatically qualifies to be extended. ...
Speak Out
Speak Out 10/24/14 (10/24/14)
Fire tax; Thank you; Standardized test; Travel ban; Veteran, bureau
Congratulations to local National Merit Scholarship semifinalists (10/23/14)
Three seniors in high school have reached an impressive milestone by being named National Merit Scholarship semifinalists. Alex Gentle of Cape Girardeau Central High School, Tyler Pech of Notre Dame Regional High School and Joshua Vogel of Saxony Lutheran High School each has different interests, but their success in the classroom and involvement in clubs and sports is a common thread. These young men have ambition, and that's a good thing...
Speak Out
Speak Out 10-22 (10/22/14)
Thank you Thank you to the Dalton father and son for going out of their way to return my billfold that was lost. My wish is to thank them personally for their kindness. Standardized test Do not become complacent. Even through Teach Great has dropped its support of a very poorly written constitutional amendment, Amendment 3 will still be on the Nov. ...
Online learning and a look at quality (10/22/14)
The Internet has changed many things over the years. From online banking and bill paying, to entertainment options, to how you may be reading this editorial, digital devices, though not without flaws, can benefit us. Education is one of these categories, and recently a Southeast Missourian story looked at what Southeast Missouri State University is doing to improve quality in online courses...

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