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News poll
Would you support eliminating a class period to raise teacher salaries if it meant limiting students' options for taking Advanced Placement and elective courses such as music and the arts?
 Yes, teacher recruitment is essential in providing quality education to all students, and competitive salaries are vital to the effort of recruiting the best educators.
 No, other options need to be examined to bump teachers' pay; it shouldn't be done at the expense of students' options.
 Yes, in addition to adjusting teacher salaries, this plan will give teachers more time in each class period, increasing the quality of instruction. Eight periods are too many.

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What are your thoughts about allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S.?
 With the threat of terrorists infiltrating the U.S., we cannot take the chance of allowing them in.
 We are a compassionate nation. We cannot allow fear of terrorism to stop us from helping people fleeing for their lives.
 I'm torn about this. I want the U.S. to help, but I also believe it is risky.

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