New effort prepares successful homeowners

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Give a person a home, and he or she has shelter -- until he or she blows his budget, the house falls into disrepair and is condemned or something else happens.

But teach a person to be a good homeowner, and he or she will have shelter for life.

That's the idea behind the Consolidated Community Services Group Inc., spearheaded by former city councilman J.J. Williamson.

His group doesn't just help renters with a down payment for a home, but guides them through the process of obtaining the home and caring for it. There are classes and counseling sessions on insurance, lawn maintenance and everything in between.

There already are Cape Girardeau residents enjoying home ownership for the first time. It can be an intimidating process packed with paperwork, but the individual attention helps them get through it successfully.

Williamson and his partners are to be commended for taking on this daunting task.

To find out more, call him at 339-0545.

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