DNR takes steps to cut red tape

Sunday, December 2, 2001

The leadership at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources says it is committed to change. DNR director Steve Mahfood says he is implementing a restructuring of the huge department that will make it more responsive to all citizens.

If true, this is certainly good news. DNR, home to something like 2,000 employees, has become a runaway agency, a government unto itself.

State Rep. Patrick Naeger of Perryville says too often he is called in by constituents exasperated by dealings with the department. "Little permits seems to take forever that are ... straightforward and simple," Naeger said. "It shouldn't take a state representative or a state senator getting involved in an issue. DNR should be customer-friendly." Says Mahfood: "I agree with him. We've got to be more responsive."

Good for Mahfood. We look forward to the reforms, hoping and expecting they will be implemented without delay.

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