Letter to the Editor

Smith's vote on budget deal

To Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri's 8th Congressional District,

Your vote in favor of the latest budget deal, of over $1.2 trillion, is disheartening. You have betrayed your district, you have betrayed those who have voted for you, and once again shown how you have a complete lack of morals or values of which you claim to possess.

Every 100 days we are spending roughly $1 trillion in these continuing resolutions. Your constituents have to live on a budget and cannot just continue to spend and spend, going deeper and deeper into debt without consequences.

The spending bill you voted for did not just "keep our government open" but it allocated $500 million to Jordan and Egypt for border security (when we can't secure our own border and just yesterday had illegals swarm the Texas National Guard), $400K towards chest binders and "tucking" swimwear for children, $17.5 million for the Eisenhower Library, $15 million for Charleston Area Medical Center, $15 million for Marshall University, another $15 million for Lion College, and on and on. Are those items truly necessary to fund the government? Or do you just like voting for unnecessary earmarks and waste to "keep the government open?"

The people of Cape Girardeau County deserve better representation than this.