Letter to the Editor

Library books not obscene

Just because protesters toss out the terms prurient, obscene and pornographic doesn't mean those terms fit books they criticize. In fact, those words do not apply to books currently in the young adult section of the library. What a parent may consider to be obscene or pornographic does not mean that those terms apply legally. What is offensive is the implication that any adult who does not agree with the protesters is unreasonable.

Patently untrue, furthermore, is that state and federal obscenity and pornographic laws would prove the points, if properly applied with strict scrutiny. In fact, the library's standard review takes into account state and federal laws. Libraries across the nation have made the same determination as our library's review board.

Comparing sketches in a book to "pornographic businesses" is ludicrous. I assume a previous letter author meant topless bars and strip joints, and as I said, that is ludicrous.

As a parent of adult children who used our Cape Girardeau library from the time they began reading to now, I feel qualified to speak about this library. As a former teacher and someone with a graduate degree in guidance counseling, I have extensive experience with adolescents.

I cannot help but wonder where are the phantom teens these agitators are attempting to protect. If they purport to be speaking on behalf of current parents, my advice would be for those parents to monitor their own children and not to try to make decisions for the entire library district.

LIZ LOCKHART, Cape Girardeau