Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

John Gearing's letter supporting Bill Clinton stated he had no proof of the rumors about his friend. I will list some facts:

Bill Clinton vetoed a bill to stop the murder of full-term babies coming out of the birth canal.

It is no rumor that Clinton supports the use of taxpayers' money to abort (kill) 4,400 babies every day. There have been over 35 million in all.

It is no rumor that he supports the gay lifestyle. He wants to turn them loose in the military. He has appointed them to high office. This is a lifestyle that leads to the breakup of families. It leads to perversion of our young people.

Gearing said people don't throw rocks at a tree not bearing fruit. The Lord says by their fruit you shall know them.

Gearing was my pastor while he was at Shawnee Hills Baptist Church. He said it was an honor to know Bill Clinton and would like to meet his wife. For me, I will honor and glory in the cross of Christ. Gearing's letter was a great disappointment to me and a lot of other people.