Letter to the Editor

Same group kicking the same can?

Are we ever going to change leadership in Cape Girardeau, Missouri? For the past 16 years I have watched groups of people in various positions of leadership promote and guide the direction of our community. I'm witnessing people not going to the voting booth on issues that are having a great impact on the growth and future of our region. Tax extensions, bond issues, public/private partnerships and not-for-profit institutions seem to drive our development.

Our leadership refers to towns south of us that are exploring a bridge connecting Kentucky to the bootheel and to the west. And we are looking at a bridge that spans the river at Cape Girardeau, Missouri that should be the connecting structure from Paducah, Kentucky through Cape Girardeau, Missouri to Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Surely this would help the region more than an extension of an outer road. By the way, this project has been on the drawing board for over 30 years.