Letter to the Editor

Speak Out 9/19/19

AR-15, hunting

My brother, a wounded veteran of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is thankful an AR-15 is permitted for hunting. He's familiar with it and it's easy to handle on his all-terrain wheelchair and in his various hunting blinds. He says, "My hunting trips relieve my PTSD symptoms and I won't ever give them up. "

Something or nothing

President Trump abuse of power! If keeping America safe is abuse of power then I guess our president is guilty. Democrats in Washington are guilty of nothing because Democrats have done nothing, unless you call trying to impeach a good president is doing something.

Silent type

Seen on FB: "We Christians have been silent too long." LOL. Seriously, have you ever known a self-proclaimed God-fearing Christian woman who knew how to be silent? Maybe some silent reflection would help them behave more like Christians claim to be.

Red, White and blue

The Leftist Democrat Party claims to be the only party that represents the values of the United States. Please riddle me this; if this is true, why have there been no Untied States Flags on the stage of the past three Democrat Presidential Debates?