Safe House welcomes women into new facility

It’s been a long time coming, but the new and improve Safe House for Women is open and serving women in need.

The organization announced late last month it was open with 18,000 square feet of space and serving women there.

The new facility is handicapped accessible, and will have 10 bedrooms with 40 beds, more bathroom facilities, a computer lab, library, a quiet lounge, family lounge and a children’s playroom.

Safe House for Women serves a lifeline for battered women. This expansion was badly needed.

The upgrade now allows the Safe House to take in moms with teenage boys, because of the bathroom and bedroom layouts.

There are so many positives to come out of this project. The project was finished early by Columbia Construction. It came $50,000 under budget. Art Van Furniture donated the furniture for the communal areas in the shelter, and local churches provided other necessities such as bedding, towels, lamps and clocks. The location of the facility is not publicly announced to protect the women who seek shelter there.

The shelter last year helped 119 women and 51 children. Now, with the new facility, Safe House can serve twice that number.

Safe House for Women operates thanks in large part to donations and fundraisers. The biggest fundraiser for the shelter every year is the VintageNOW Fashion Show.

Women who have been broken and beaten desperately need a place to go when they fear for their lives and their children’s lives. For women to have a place like Safe House, that is warm and comfortable and safe, is a godsend for these vulnerable ladies and their children. Thanks to all those involved in helping the organization provide these services.