Letter to the Editor

IRS doesn't need more people

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Mr. Piepho,

You must work for the IRS to even have a thought like this in that head of yours. They take lifelong savings away from the elderly and whomever they can. They seize people's property in the name of the law. Nobody's financial security is safe with the people they have now. And you want to add more people? I am the first one to admit that we have to have taxes to run this government, but it cannot be justified as to how much they are getting. I am not judging you as to how you stand politically, but in my mind you favor the Democrats. My father worked all of his life and paid taxes. He died two days before he received his first check. My mother called the IRS and asked could she cash it. And their answer was if you want to go to jail go ahead and cash it. You think they need more people? Wake up, America. All we need is a simple reasonable tax rate per adult in the household and we could probably pay off most of our national debt.

JERRY BELL, Benton, Missouri